Verify my identify? (KYC)

What does KYC look to accomplish and how is it done?

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. This is the process we use to verify your identity before you can access Ruby Sweeps.

In order to be KYC verified, you will need to complete a few tasks upon sign up including:

  • Uploading photos (front and back) of your Photo Id
    • This can be a State ID, Driver's License, Passport or Residence Permit.
  • Taking a live selfie for Identity verification- you will be prompted on your screen.

Once you have been KYC verified, you will be able to access all of the great features that Ruby Sweeps has to offer! 

The KYC identity verification process ensures Ruby Sweeps is being used as it should.

Identity verification protects us as well as you from identity theft and other fraudulent activity by keeping accounts to limited real verified players on single, personal accounts. 

Helpful Hint: If you receive a message saying "Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory" while trying to upload your identity photos,  this is due to low memory on your device. It helps to delete any unnecessary apps/photos/spam emails/ etc. to make space for this to process. 

Check out this video for a step by step of the KYC process:

If you are having any issues with this process, please reach out to our Customer Support Team. They are happy to help you through this process.