What is Verification?

Verification is simply a way to make sure you are who you say you are! 🙌

To keep you safe and having fun on our site we do need ID verification! 

At Ruby Sweeps we make it super easy to sign up and get playing! 👏  You just need an email and SMS to sign up and verify! 😜

When you want to make a purchase, we will ask for a photo of the front and back of a form of ID.

This could be:

🛂 Your passport

🚗 Your Driver's License

🗃️ Your ID Card

Then, to redeem your winnings we need to complete a liveness check and see a proof of address 💌

These are common ways in the industry to protect player information, allow you to play and have fun safely and seamlessly, as well as help reduce fraud, underage access, identity theft and money laundering! 🕵️💯

We have some more articles here to help you through this process too! 🫶