What Are Pay Tables?

Pay tables outline the winnings for matching symbols on the correct pay line!

Features, pay tables and pay lines can be found on all our games at Ruby Sweeps under the little question mark icon or help icon inside our games! It's usually around the left-hand side or bottom of the screen. 

Pay tables show you what you can win, with the different icons! Then underneath that, you'll see the pay line patterns that show you need to hit to get the win, described in the pay table! 🙌

We have two different kinds of pay tables! They share the same info, just displayed a little differently is all. 😊

The first type of pay table will show you, a multiplier of what you can win from your bet amount if you hit the correct icons. If you change your bet amount, and then go back to the help page, you'll see the multiplier changes.

The second type of pay table describes in points what you can win from your bet amount! So instead of doing a multiplication of your bet amount, you'll just see the amount you'll win from the pay tables.

These games display potential wins as multipliers in the pay table: Temple of the Jaguar Guardian, Aces High Stud, Pot of Gold, Sunken Treasures, Golden Scarab Spin, Joy Luck Spin, Harvest Spins and Tree Bears. 🥰

These games display potential wins as points in the pay tables: Stars and Spins, Candy Cash Spin, Pool Party Ducky, Gem Booster, Canyon Wild, Nights of Romance, Ruby Races, Jack's Wild Nightmare, Queen of Hearts and Pirates Plunder. 😍

This can help determine your playing style, we also have helpful info here! ⬇️

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