How Do I Redeem?

Follow these easy steps to redeem your winnings! 🙌

When you're in the gamesite, click the three lines in the top right-hand corner!

From there, you'll see a tab called 'Redeem'. 💡

Inside that, you'll find all the steps to redeeming your Won Emeralds for cash! 💵

To redeem to your bank account, we need some key details! The name of your account (Full Name), a routing number and an account number. This means you can redeem to Cash App or Chime too! 🎐

We'll then ask if it's to a checking or savings account! ✅

Finally, we'll ask that you confirm these details are correct, you confirm and your redemption will start making its way to you!!

For a more detailed answer, check this ➡️ Redemption Process