How do I add Ruby Sweeps to my Home Screen?

The answer will depend on whether you own an apple or android device.

If you are experiencing issues accessing Ruby Sweeps via your Home Screen shortcut then please try and access Ruby Sweeps instead via your chosen browser directly. 

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How to add Ruby Sweeps to your home screen for Android Users:

1: Open Chrome

2: Navigate to

3: Tap on the 3 dots icon located at the top-right of your browser.

4: Select the option ‘Add to Home Screen’

5: Tap ‘Add’

6: Head back to your home page and the shortcut should appear.


Apple (New Zealand)

How to add Ruby Sweeps to your home screen for Apple Users:

1: Open Safari 

2: Navigate to
3: Tap the Share button on the bottom of the page. It looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of the top.

4: In the list of options that appear, scroll down until you see Add to Home Screen. Tap this.

5: Tap ‘Add’. 

6: Safari will close automatically and you will be taken to where the icon is located on your iPhone or iPad's home screen.