Choosing Games and Volatility

Understanding volatility can help you when choosing games that fit your playing style on Ruby Sweeps.

With Ruby Sweeps’ games, volatility is a way to explain how “risky” or “safe” a game feels per sweeps entry. It can be likened to the difference between hopping on a rollercoaster versus a merry-go-round. In this article, we'll break down what volatility means when you're playing our games online and how it affects your experience.

What is Volatility?

Think of volatility as the risk factor in a game. It tells you how often you might win and how much you might win. Games with high volatility can give you big wins but are likely to be rare, while low-volatility games give smaller wins more frequently.

Understanding this helps you choose how you want to play.

High Volatility Games

  1. Big wins are sporadic: High-volatility games give you exciting moments where you can win a lot, but these moments don't happen too often.

  2. Risky fun: These games are more of a rollercoaster ride – they can be risky, but the big wins make it exciting.

  3. Need patience and a high balance: You might have to wait a bit for possible wins and be prepared to spend more Emeralds/Gold coins when you play high-volatility games.

Our high-volatility games are:
Pool Party Ducky, Jacks Wild Nightmare, Candy Cash Spin, Ruby Races.

Medium volatility games

  1. Balanced wins: Medium volatility games offer a mix of both small and large wins, striking a middle ground between high and low volatility.

  2. Moderate risk and reward: You won't experience extreme swings in your balance as often, making these games appealing to players seeking a bit of excitement without too much risk.

  3. A moderate balance: You can enjoy medium volatility games with a reasonable budget, and they provide a good compromise between the thrill of big wins and the comfort of smaller, more frequent payouts.

Our medium volatility games are:

Joy Luck Spins, Pot of Gold, Aces High, Gem Booster, Stars and Spins.


Low Volatility Games

  1. Small wins often: Low volatility games are like the merry-go-round – you win smaller amounts more frequently, making it feel more stable.

  2. Lower risk: You won't see big ups and downs in your balance as much in these games, which makes them less risky than a higher volatility game.

  3. Fewer Emeralds/Gold coins needed: You can enjoy low-volatility games without a huge budget with makes them more forgiving.

Our low-volatility games are:
Nights of Romance, Golden Scarab, Sunken Treasures, Temple of the Jaguar Guardian, Harvest Spins, Winter Wonderland.


Finding Your Balance

Understanding volatility can help you decide what kind of fun you want when choosing between high, medium and low-volatility games. Some people enjoy the big thrills and possible big wins in high-volatility games, while others prefer the steadiness of low-volatility games. Some even mix both for different moods.

Remember, there's no one right answer, and the key is finding the balance that suits your style. With this knowledge, you can have more fun and make smarter choices when you play at Ruby Sweeps.